Acrylic (Chapter 2) — Adeyemo Eyitayo

"Good morning Mr. Paul, it feels so good to see you,  how have you been? ". Mrs Aisha, the managing director of Barclay's Enterprise welcomes him in as she orders a clerk to serve him a cup of coffee. "Hmm.. Thanks", Paul smiles. "Isn't too early?".Mrs Aisha asks. "Early? It's just 9am... I work with time.. part of my principles". "Oh..". She calls out to a staff nearby, a neatly dressed lady. " Arrange the board meeting with quick about it, it's starting 10am... and don't forget we're assembling at the hall aftermath". "Yes ma'am". the staff hurries out of the office.

"Lateness is not permitted, we're starting this meeting immediately...we don't have much time to waste". Says Mr. Harith — one of the trustees of the company. Mrs Aisha introduces a few people, each introduction is accompanied by rounds of applaud. "This is Mr. Paul Agbolade , CEO Acrylic's Arts... Miss Theodore Phoebe, sponsor of Gareth NGO and Mrs Popoola Omotola, MD of Cubs Insurance company". In a short while, the meeting's over and everyone assembles to the hall for the long speech by Paul. He's yet to even climb the stage and the people are on their feet clapping and screaming already. Surely, he is a very successful and famous business man. "woah... Hmm. thanks, thank you".

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